Pauca Paucis comes from Latin and can be translated as: a few for the few. These metal sculptures challenge the banal act of consuming food as well as the conflict between abundance and scarcity. The proximity of the forks and the different lengths result in some participants being able to reach the offered food more easily and comfortably than others. This small gesture mimics a harsh reality, where seemingly simple and vital necessities are easily accessible to some and impossible to attain to others. It is up to the group of participants to negotiate how they approach the offered food, which can range form gracefully and orderly, in a communal/collaborative mindset to distancing oneself from the action altogether. I am fueled by the thought that fatalism can be overcome and that alternatives abound no matter how hard a challenge may seem. My performances can take the form of social experiments or collaborative efforts/exercises. By creating situations that invite the participants to experience the present with a sense of wonder and curiosity I hope to point toward achieving a shift in paradigm; to a collaborative mind set instead of a competitive one. I am a strong believer that the more we engage in collaborative practices and problem solving, the more open we become to finding solutions and possibilities grounded in inclusion, compassion, diversity, friendship, and equality.